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Asus Announced Its VEGA Based ROG STRIX RX VEGA 64 8G Gaming GPU

Asus Announced Its VEGA Based ROG STRIX RX VEGA 64 8G Gaming GPU


AMD Radeon RX Vega to tackle the GTX 1080 in Budapest and It is going to be cheaper than GTX 1080 (AMD Confirmed)

RX Vega is the gaming derivative of Vega, it is the card which is aiming to tackle the GTX 1080 possibly the GTX 1080 Ti and the high-end lineup graphics cards. Somewhat lesser known fact is that currently Vega is on tour. AMD is doing this press tour at the moment with Vega. Actually press tour isn’t the best way of describing it, it’s more an event. People are able to attend the event and test RX Vega system.

AMD Radeon RX Vega is on tour, Compared Against GeForce GTX 1080 in Budapest

AMD as per planned is going to be releasing it’s RX Vega series of graphic cards at SIGGRAPH this year. Meanwhile, it seems that AMD is giving the RX Vega a tour and the journey ended for Vega on Budapest yesterday. It seems that AMD is attempting to rustle up some fire by displaying RX Vega against their giant competitor’s graphic card GTX 1080 in performance.